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Computer upgrades - should you upgrade or buy a new computer?

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Do you need to upgrade?

The only thing that really matters is whether your computer is doing everything you need it to.

Upgrades can breathe new life into old PCs but sometimes it's cheaper to buy a new system.

New hardware should help you work faster and more efficiently.

If you're buying a new computer, focus on quality, not price!
Bonza’s custom built computers are specified to exactly match your current requirements without having features you don’t need.
  • Adding additional RAM (Random Access Memory) will increase the number of programs you can run concurrently and frees up hard drive space.
  • Adding a new graphics card can improve how fast your everyday applications run by freeing up the RAM and processor for other tasks.
  • A faster hard drive can improve performance and give you more storage space.
  • A new processor will increase the speed of calculations, making the entire system run faster. You're best off buying a processor and motherboard together.
  • Upgrade your power supply if the existing power supply is less than 300W.

Bonza’s computer technicians will advise the best course of action for your computer environment.
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