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About Clickjacking
Published June 17th, 2011 by Roslyn Garavaglia Comments Off on About Clickjacking

Hardly a day goes by without someone asking a Bonza technician to remove a virus(s) from a computer or laptop. This post may help you to “pause a sec” before you click! clickjacking

Suppose you visit a site and think you’re clicking on a button to close a window; instead, the action of clicking the “X” button prompts your computer to download a Trojan virus, transfer money from your bank account or turn on your computer’s built-in microphone. The host website may be a legitimate site that’s been hacked or a fake version of some well-known site like your bank’s website. You may have been tricked into visiting the site through links online or in email messages. 

It’s called Clickjacking (more…)