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Networking Problems
Published September 12th, 2009 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Network Problems!!

“Network Cable Unplugged” Notification Balloon

This message is always disturbing when it pops up because you’ve been using the network all along, so what’s happened now!  HELP!

Cables that connect different parts of a network can be cut or shorted. A short can happen when the wire conductor comes in contact with another conductive surface, changing the path of the signal.


  1. Begin by checking your Router or Hub. Check the connection state lights and see if they are correct. This may indicate a failing or faulty router.
  2. Next check the network cable. Look for cuts, breaks or bends. Also look for any problem in the insulation that may indicate breaks inside the cable. Check the integrity of the cable terminations, or ends. Make sure that they are securely attached, clean, and fit snugly into all devices. 
  3. The latest drivers for your network card may need to be downloaded and installed. 
  4. The speed and duplex settings for your network adapter may need to be manually set. Most adapters use the auto-detect setting. If auto-detection fails for any reason, the “Network Cable Unplugged” error will usually result. 


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