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Why should I buy from you?
Published April 23rd, 2011 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Can you tell me what makes you different from your competitors?

Value Proposition

You say;


“Cost effective”


“Newest”, “Lowest rate”, “Friendliest”, “Reliable”, “Quick response”, “Turnkey solution”,

So what! Sorry, you haven’t convinced me to buy from you so I’m checking out your competitor.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of using catchy phrases designed to elicit a positive emotional response but unfortunately, these vague modifiers don’t match the key questions/problems I want answered. Sure, you’re eager to promote the virtues of your company or product but they won’t convince me into a buying decision.

As a customer I want to know specific, Quantifiable details and at the same time I’m looking at your credibility.

No marketing communication is more effective than one that shows me how a product or service helps me get an important job done.

So, how do you transform your general and unremarkable value proposition to a unique and intriguing one?

Creating an indisputable phrase that your competitors cannot meet or beat is difficult. The differentiator needs to be an area where you excel.  It’s okay that you match your competition on everything else as long as you go one better.

You need to be able to walk in my shoes, know my desire level and intention, and match the exclusivity of your offer to my unmet need and communicate the value to me.

Value Proposition: Qualitative vs. Quantitative

Qualitative – not good

We are Australia’s online backup specialists with the best cutting edge online backup solution for your business data.

Quantitative – much better

Are you protected from computer data loss? How often to you forget to backup? Simplify and automate your backups online starting at the cost of a coffee per day. No ties, no storage restrictions and full support.

Avoid falling into the trap of qualitative language AND beware of overused words such as:

leading, unique, finest, highest quality, only, cutting-edge, cost-effective, superior, innovative, solutions…etc etc.

Show me how your product or service helps me get an important job done.

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