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Is your Website a Brick Wall?
Published July 31st, 2010 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Ring Ring……..

Hello, Bonza Computer Repairs, Ros speaking.

“Hi, My computer won’t start can you send a technician today?”

“Bonza provides innovative cutting edge value-added critical computer solutions specialising in PC repairs for home users and business owners, onsite or online remote computer repairs, website development including Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords management for your online marketing, and with only 2% fat….”

“Did you hear me I have an urgent problem with my computer and need a technician as soon as possible!”

If you’d like our special report on “10 Most Common Reasons a Computer Won’t Boot” just give me your full name, address, email, and phone number. You’ll have that report in your email inbox in just 3 minutes.”

DIAL TONE. Oops! That hot prospect has gone, never to return.
Are you sure you heard the word “tosser” before they hung up Ros?

Of course that’s not how we answer the phone! Or talk to the bloke in the pub.

So why isn’t your website like your phone answering?

Or like you’re speaking to the guy in the pub explaining how you can fix his problem? Start talking about how great you are and you’ll see his eyes glaze over……

Take a look at your website NOW, what does it say?

People who search have a purpose so your website should answer that search query right in the first main heading. If you use your headline and first paragraph to tell readers what’s in it for them (benefit), chances are you’ll engage them in the 3 seconds you’ve got to do it.

We all do it, read a headline and make the decision to stay or go right then if it doesn’t answer your query.

The next paragraph should repeat the benefit with more detail about how it will be achieved. All copy so far should be written in the 2nd person, “you, “your” and not “we”,”our”.

I know, I know, it seems logical to clarify your credentials first but no-one really gives a toss about you, the visitor is after a solution to their problem fast and waffling on about you only creates a brick wall.

The Bounce rate in your Google Analytics report is a good indication your visitors are hitting a brick wall.

 Let’s rewrite your copy so it brings in customers – 1800 280 440


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