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Downloading Free Music
Published September 17th, 2010 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

 P2P program information.
(the best way to get a virus on your PC for Free!)

Hi everyone,

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Throughout my travels I have noticed a very serious trend when it comes to virus and malware infections. EVERY person that has had a peer 2 peer program (such as Limewire or Frostwire) on their PC has had viruses that require cleaning. I have also noticed that 90% of computers that obtain the fake security antivirus have also had one of these programs or something similar.

How do you get viruses from these programs?

When you start these programs they are connecting to a massive network of files such as music, videos and photos that people are sharing across that network. These can all be downloaded (most of them illegally) for free.

Now… what most people don’t realise is that a high majority of these files are actually viruses with the name of the file that you are searching for. There are even unmanned programs called bots which can actually tell what you are searching for, rename a virus that it has stored, and show it as a result on one of your file searches.

How do the viruses get there?

Nobody is really sure about how all of them get there. Some people have a theory that certain copyright holders put fake versions of their songs and videos up containing viruses to deter piracy. Other viruses are just from people deliberately sharing them to infect other PC’s. The rest are shared by regular users unaware that the file is actually a virus.

“But even if I get a virus and call someone out to clean it… I still save money on the cost of paying for music!”

In some cases this may be true, however, if you get a serious virus you could potentially lose all of your data or be hit with a fairly expensive fee involving reloading your Windows and recovering lost data. Another thing to think about is the cost of having a Computer Technician out every so often against the cost of actually purchasing the music legitimately off a program such as Itunes. Itunes is free to download and has a massive database of songs for purchase. Some of them are as low as $0.80 each.

So consider this. If you download 100 songs in a month from Limewire, statistically about 50+ of those songs would actually be viruses, most of which can compromise your security software and stop it from picking them up. So statistically, you would more than likely end up needing a technician out to clean your PC every month. Downloading the songs from Itunes will turn out cheaper in the long run in nearly every situation.

So please do you and your PC a favour and give Itunes a try.

You can download it here:


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