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Remote Computer Repairs
Published November 8th, 2009 by Roslyn Garavaglia  


Let’s say you have a computer problem severely holding up your workflow and you need it fixed NOW!

Suppose you phone Bonza computer support at 9am to book the next available tech. You’re the next job off the rank and your computer tech can be at your place at 10.30am. That’s fast response for an onsite tech. So here you are, waiting 1.5 hours for the tech to arrive. He’ll be there for an hour or more and you will have been unable to use your computer for 3 hours or more.

That = “hours” of unproductive work!

Instead of waiting for the next available tech and subsequently waiting for that tech to arrive wouldn’t you rather get Instant Support and have the Problem Fixed at Lightening Speed?

Sometimes you’re only able to give the vaguest information regarding the actual nature of the errors and problems you’re experiencing. That’s understandable! Remote support allows technicians to log onto your computer over the internet and actually see what he’d be looking at if he were on site and sitting at your keyboard. Seeing the error in progress makes it a lot easier to diagnose and rapidly fix.

Same-day onsite service is still a dream service for most computer users and it’s still what we do best at Bonza.

With Bonza Remote Computer Repair service we’ll be able to offer not only same-day service, but a service that takes place minutes after it was ordered by you. For small businesses in need of computer support and repair, this is a tremendous advantage and much more cost effective.

You’re the first to know
Bonza is launching PC Remote support very soon!

Remotely fixing computers does not present a security risk and is 256 bit SSL encrypted. All communication is end-to-end encrypted, so it is completely private and secure. There is no way we can access your system without you inviting us first.

Bonza Remote will resolve your issue right in front of your eyes!  We’ll access your computer through the Internet to solve problems quickly so your office can get back to work.

You’ll feel a range of emotions as you see it happening… First: shock! It’s really weird watching the cursor suddenly darting about your monitor clicking on things and making the screen change. Is your computer possessed? Well, yes. But, don’t worry, that’s just the Bonza technician working on your computer.

Next, incredulity. How can these guys work so fast! We know, we’re forever saying “Slow down lads! You’re freaking out the punters.  Then you’ll be intrigued by this amasing technology and soon you’ll be smiling when up pops a message from the tech announcing “All fixed!” Finally, after this exciting roller coaster ride you’ll experience sheer delight at having had your problem fixed so quickly, easily and inexpensively. With a sigh, and maybe a groan, it’s back to work for you.

These are some of the computer problems we can fix remotely:

Virus & Spyware removal
Errors – troubleshooting
Slow Computer – system tune up and maintenance
Internet Connections – security and optimisation
Printer Problems and other peripheral devices
Email Problems
Wired and Wireless Networks
Office Applications – installation and configuration, resolve errors
And much more! 


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