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Green Computing
Published November 14th, 2009 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Bonza goes green…

Being a mobile computer repair service, the carbon footprint Bonza leaves behind by driving multiple vans all over Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts every day has always been a concern.

If you read last week’s blog post you will realise in an effort to reduce our fossil fuel use, we’re offering the same Bonza rapid response computer repair service, only, remotely.

The good part is when you use our remote service you’ll also be helping the environment. How cool is that!

You will receive the same level of professionalism and friendly service that you expect from Bonza, but, instead of waiting for a tech to come to your place, he’ll come to you through the internet. Most things can be fixed by a technician taking over your desktop and keyboard.

When something is not fixable then he’ll come on site as soon as possible. You won’t be charged for his initial online diagnosis.

So how does Bonza’s green initiative work?

 BOOHOO2                                In a state of high anxiety (bordering on the hysterical), you call Bonza on 1800 280 440 because your computer won’t work and because of that, neither can you!

 Soon after, you get a call from the Bonza tech assigned telling you to go to a website and enter a code.

Now, you sit back and watch your cursor dart about the screen as our mobile tech, (now parked under some shady tree somewhere between the Gold and Sunshine Coasts), is fixing your computer (no matter where it is in the world).

You’ll see messages from your tech on the screen such as “Fixed!”

You’re back in action and now wondering why you were so stressed out about a little thing like a computer that wouldn’t go.

Our smart green decision benefits:

 1. The environment

2. Reduces our fuel bills and

3. You, because our normal hourly fee of $130/hr is reduced to $95!



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