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Keep tabs on your software and hardware
Published March 12th, 2011 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Inventory your software and hardware


Do you know what memory your computer has or what type of processor you use?  Do you know which software programs are installed on your computer and what their serial numbers are? Do you have your software installation discs and licence keys?

A complete list of the hardware setup and the installed software on your computers and laptops is invaluable information. Even though much of the data can be retrieved by a technician, having it on hand will be extremely helpful for when you need technical support and when you’re thinking of upgrading equipment and software. Record the details for each computer, notebook, server, printer and mobile device in your office.

All the information in your inventory will help to minimize the impact of changes, provide accurate information for technical support and improve security.  


  • Notice unused or unauthorised software
  • Resolve Licencing issues
  • Know when an item is due for replacement
  • Check warranties

If you don’t want the extra expense of using an IT inventory software package it’s just as easy to set up an inventory in a spreadsheet. This type of inventory can be more than adequate, as long as you think carefully about what information you need to record AND remember to update it!

Your Computer’s Hardware & Software – What to Document

Software: Record titles, version numbers and licence keys and other login details. This is invaluable information when you need to reformat your computer or reinstall software. List all the software installed on your Microsoft Windows and Mac OS desktops, laptops, and servers and don’t forget any mobile devices like iPads.

Hardware: Record the name of the supplier, manufacturer, model, serial number, specification, any upgrades, purchase date, names of users, network name, list of installed printers and other devices.

If you can, record the system attributes, configurations, and capabilities. CPU, processor type and speed, memory, disk space, network card address and Ram etc. it will become a comprehensive reference.

Often this key information is only known by one or two people in your organisation. What happens if they leave, or happen to be absent when something goes wrong?

If you do want software for this purpose, after a quick search in Google I discovered…. Free PC Audit, it’s basic, the results can be copied and pasted into Word or Excel.

If you’d like to give that a go, go to….

There are loads of more sophisticated tools online with free trials available. Let me know if you find a good one.

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