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Where to Get Inspiration for Blog Posts
Published August 24th, 2011 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

I usually write a post on the Bonza Blog every Saturday. There’s never an issue wondering what to write about because the internet is so dynamic and ever shifting. There’s always something to talk about or share.  Today, I would like to share a link to Sean D’Souza’s blog where he talks about Why Time Management Is Less Powerful Than Efficiency Management.

I took a week long break in June and haven’t blogged since! I lost the rythmn and the energy to work or attend to the Bonza Blog.

Instead I have been in many coffee shops, out in the garden in the sunshine, reading – generally getting into a slower pace of life.  Surprisingly, work hasn’t suffered, projects are completed in an efficient and timely manner and only projects dependant on the responsiveness of the project owners are in limbo.  I no longer fret and worry about the online presence of other’s businesses when my part in the process is done.

So here we are, it’s nearly September and I’m back to blogging!

Where to Get Inspiration for Blog Posts

During the week I read so many articles online to keep up to date with what’s happening in the search and tech industry, something will always grab my attention and I’ll want to let you know about it too.  Often a website client will ask a question that will become the topic of the week, or a weird computer repair problem will present itself as something to write about. I have no difficulty coming up with a topic to blog about.

Here’s what I’d do to get inspiration and ideas.

  • Check Twitter to see what people are talking about and what links they’re sharing.
  • Check Google Trends and Insights to get an idea of what topics people are searching for online.
  • Go to websites specifically designed to answer people’s questions like Yahoo Answer, and Quora to see what people want to know or read about.
  • Check your Analytics reports to see what words people used to find your website. There might be a topic there!

Hopefully these suggestions will help you write some great blog posts. And Sean’s article has inspred you too.

Where else do you look for topics? Leave a comment.


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