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Who has Access to Your Computer?
Published January 31st, 2010 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Hi everyone, I just came across this onsite computer repair scam and thought I’d share it here.

“The receptionist’s PC had been running slowly, so he was pleased when a woman arrived and announced that she was a technician. She dropped the name of the IT company and said, “Don’t bother logging off, I’ll only be a few minutes.” Ten minutes later she was gone — along with a bunch of confidential documents. Those documents enabled an unscrupulous competitor to beat the company to a lucrative contract. If the receptionist had checked the technician’s credentials, the security breach could have been avoided”.

If that can happen so easily on site what about allowing repair technicians to access your computer online?  The internet is chock-a-block with remote access computer repair “specialists”. Many are located overseas and you wouldn’t know it.

Online, over the internet? Unseen? It could be anyone!
Sounds scary given we’re constantly trying to block access to our systems, files and personal data from criminals trying to “scam” you, “spam” you, steal from you, or talk you into some worthless program.

Always check credentials for onsite computer repairs AND online computer repairs.

The fact is online computer repair is becoming routine . If you still feel uncomfortable about allowing access to your machine, my best advice is choose a  company you know and trust to prevent unknown service providers from misusing the computer access they have been given.

A bit more about remote computer repairs.
Computer repair via remote access lets the technician see your computer fully on his computer screen. This means that he will be seeing all the errors and problems exactly as you’re seeing it sitting in front of your computer. Computer problems like getting rid of viruses, removing spyware, installing software, updating software or operating systems, reversing file corruption, and all forms of computer optimization can easily be done through remote access. Mechanical, hardware problems will require an onsite computer repair technician.

Even though during online computer repairs the machine is completely left open to the technician at the other end, you never completely lose control of your computer.

There should always be a provision which allows you to deny access if you feel that there is misuse. The connection program that allowed remote access is disconnected after the repair and for any future repairs you’ll need to go through the permission process again.

At Bonza many of our clients prefer to have their computer repairs done through remote access because it saves time. As long as you have a good internet connection, problems can be solved instantly.

Getting a diagnosis done by remote access saves you and the technician time and reduces the need to travel onsite.

Our remote service makes it easy for you because you won’t have to struggle to explain the error to the technician.

It’s a money saver for you and Bonza
Bonza Remote reduces costs and streamlines yours and ours operation
Bonza Remote responds rapidly to your computing problems
Bonza Remote provides better quality service with no onsite disruptions
Bonza provides flexibility, choose remote or onsite computer repairs.

 Phone 1800 280 440 for either service

We provide same day onsite support, remote access support, repairs and service anywhere in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We send our computer technicians to your office or home for onsite computer repairs, assessment and advice.

If you want to talk about the remote (online) service and be assured it’s safe and secure with Bonza, give us a call and talk to Anthony or Wayne our Senior Computer Technician.

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