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Bonza’s Missing Computer Technician
Published February 13th, 2010 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Wayne’s going awol!

That’s right folks, our Senior Technician is (irresponsibly) taking off to India (leaving us in the lurch) at the end of this month for 4 whole weeks.

You and the whole Bonza Team are going to miss him terribly. Fact is, Wayne hasn’t had a proper holiday since he started working after he finished his studies!

With the right style of beard and long hair he can easily pass himself off as a local Sikh or even a Saddhu so we don’t expect him to encounter any problems over there apart from Delhi belly.

His first week is planned. We know India is not a place that accepts plans; it has its own agenda which Wayne will discover when he meets up with the local captains of industry, the Bonza team in our New Delhi office first, and then takes off to who knows where.

What! Bonza has a New Delhi office?
Yes, and a Kerala office!
No-one at Bonza has ever met them face to face, we’re not even sure it’s a team or whether it’s one bloke being 5 different people. Wayne has strict instructions to take photos of proof and even then….who knows.

I know what you’re thinking!  No, we haven’t outsourced slaves. We’ve had our team in place for 10 years (before you even heard the term outsourcing and understood it to mean cheap labour) and they’re paid the going rate which is on a par with the rates we’d pay here for website development. What’s the difference? Our Indian team is willing to work and they enjoy it!

The head of the Delhi team is a young man named Sam (Samarth) who was so with it way back then he approached us to employ him. Since then he’s married and started a family, hired more staff and we take part in his evolution from boy to man at a distance. We spoke to him once on his wedding day.

Anyway, back to Wayne. Has he ever phoned you saying he’s going to be late for your appointment because he’s stuck in traffic? Ha,ha ha. Will he embrace the chaos and return thinking Brisbane’s traffic is a doddle? Will he miss the suicidal cows, his lungs filling with fumes, dust and the ever-present waft of curry powder when he gets back? You bet!

I can’t imagine a more vibrant and fascinating destination for a holiday. The smell of incense, urine and smoke, the colour, noisy, crowded chaos. It’ll be unforgettable and I bet the magic of India draws him back at some stage not too far into the future. Let’s all wish him a fun and relaxing holiday.

“But what about me!” you say. “My computer/server /crazy network is not normal, only Wayne can fix it”. Don’t worry. Wayne is busily instructing his troops on the idiosyncrasies of your systems as we speak and you all know how thorough and careful he is. Max, Daniel and James are armed and ready to tackle your psychotic machines.

Where’s Wally, I mean Waaaaayne……….

Where's Wayne

Where's Wayne


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