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Are you Sick of Computers?
Published February 23rd, 2010 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Our lovely Max is!

Most Bonza clients have been lucky to meet Max and some had him as their dedicated computer technician. Everybody loves Max! He is not only a good technician but a great guy. Some of our clients were even lining up their daughters. It’s hard to resist his Spanish charm isn’t it?  Well ladies, I claimed him my surrogate son first!

Who knows about Max’s secret passion besides his pet bird?
Curiously, it’s about flying. Yep, Max is mad about flying his very sophisticated model aeroplanes. He builds them, imports them, attaches tiny cameras to them and flies every chance he gets.

They’re not just any model aircraft. They’re flown remotely by Max who dons a special headpiece so he can “pilot” the plane. It’s almost as good as being one of those mad Red Bull pilots. He does dangerous loop-de-loops, flies under bridges, crashes, all kinds of amazing things. It’s not just a hobby, these planes can be used for aerial surveying, aerial photography, chasing crooks, shhhh, “spying”, all kinds of stuff. It makes sense Max would want to pursue his passion and make money at the same time. So guess what?  


He’s been working part time at an aeronautics company for a while and we knew his leaving was imminent. This week he starts his new job as the in-house aero technical guru, marketing man and a number of other roles which may see him flying all over the country and overseas in real planes, doing business involving even more sophisticated remote aircraft.

How exciting for him!
We’re sorry to lose him but it’s always wonderful to see anybody live their dream.

Check out Max flying……

If you’re a Maxi fan and would like to leave him a message, please do in the comments box below and I’ll pass it on.

Boo Hoo Goodbye Max

Boo Hoo Goodbye Max





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