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Tips and Tools to Promote Your Business
Published March 27th, 2011 by Roslyn Garavaglia  

Promoting you business online and offline always boils down to how much time you have.
Each and every strategy needs to be worked on to build your business and many can be managed by you if you’re able to set aside time.

Another option is to hire a “marketing strategists”, they’re popping up like mushrooms ever since the buzz over social media reached a crescendo. If any of you are using a “strategist” I’d love to know if the outcome is fabulous and whether it’s worth Bonza recommending the services you use.

So how might you handle it yourself…. Online.

We’ve discussed Facebook, Twitter, Google Places and Social Media in general, but there are plenty of other low cost ways to promote your website online. 

Here are a handful of ideas and tools to reach your existing clients and to attract new prospects:

Create an email newsletter – Email Marketing
Crafting good content and adding forward to a friend means they are more likely to be read and forward on to prospective clients. You can do it using your email software itself but there can be a problem mailing out bulk emails, depending on how big your client list is. A better option is to use an Autoresponder which has predesigned configurable templates. The cost is usually determined by how many emails are on your list. If you receive Bonza’s “Funny of the Week” newsletter, it is designed and delivered by using an Autoresponder. We have used Constant Contact and Mailchimp and both tools are good, cheap and easy to use. * You shouldn’t go off and send unsolicited email to anyone.

Tip: If you know someone (a business associate) who has a large mailing list you might offer to do a joint venture where you can advertise your product in their next newsletter and pay them either a fee for the advertising or for a percentage of the sales.

Create video tutorials or talks and post them on video-sharing sites.
Camtasia is a fantastic tool for this and you’d post them to You Tube. 

Post screenshots of your work on photo-sharing sites.  
Flikr is the best known photo-sharing site. There are strict terms of use so read them carefully before setting up. Snagit is a fantastic tool to get screenshots. 

Contextual Advertising.
Services such as Google Adwords allow for low budget, short-term, pay-per-click advertising. Because of the learning curve and the competitive nature of bidding on keywords, we recommend you use the services of a qualified Adwords professional. There is a lot involved in getting it right, and most overlook some important facts, which means they pay for a lot of wasted clicks which will chew up your budget without delivering a return to your business.

How might you market Offline.
The Bonza Help Centre has a list of offline promotion ideas – check it out!

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